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Il Tettuccio, thermal building in Liberty and Neoclassical style. Majestic and graceful, it offers a past in the time atmosphere with its historical Café.

Montecatini Alto, ancient village set into a hill. It offers the visitors a spectacular view, a medioeval square and nice bistrot.

Grotta Giusti SPA in Monsummano Terme, a lime cave with hot rooms for natural sauna, thermal swimming pool and a steaming lake for diving lovers.

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Piazza del Duomo, beautiful square with its suggestive Cathedral

The little church of S.Andrea with the Pulpito of Giovanni Pisano (a masterpiece of 1301)

La Sala, sparkling market during the daytime, lively place of restaurants and bar during the nighttime.

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The historical Villas, all above Villa Reale, with its impressive, enormous park and the architectural beauties.

Piazza Anfiteatro, where there was the roman amphitheater, now become a colorful square with crafts shops and restaurants

The round walls, perfectly maintained, where you can have a pleasant walk or a bike tour

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Viareggio, lovely city on the shore, with Art Déco buildings and many shops

Marina di Vecchiano, with its wild free beach, fully immersed in the scented Macchia Mediterranea

Pietrasanta, lovable small town, kind of an open air museum, rich of sculptures and pieces of art. The famous sculpture and painter Botero spent part of his life there.